Pi Zero Tesla Coil – Topload

tmp_8921-20160124_184308-2091874338 Two toroid halves from Hobby craft, each 170mm in diameter. The two halves are taped together with electrical tape.
tmp_8921-20160124_191041-1047382479 Using strips of aluminum foil we cover the outside of the toroid.
tmp_8921-20160124_192038-392347920 Taking two CDs one on the top and one on the bottom
tmp_8921-20160124_1923271367784658 We cover the CDs and attach them to the torroid with more of the aluminum tape to make a top and bottom.
tmp_8921-20160124_1950502034523555 After covering all of the torrid, top and bottom. Use your fingernail to smooth out the creases in the aluminum. Don’t press too hard as you will deform the polystyrene.