Cambridge Teslathon 2016

Steve’s Coils

Rogers Wimshurst and Van de Graff

Phill S and PhiI T’s coils

Phil’s video

Tony/Leicester Hack Space

Sam’s Tesla Coil and Plasma Globes.

Alex’s Display of Coils and High voltage stuff.

My (Extreme Electronics) Stuff

Dave B’s Coils.


Steve T’s Midi DRSSTC

Mark K’s battery tesla coil


Lucia N’s Collection of Magnetos and Induction coils. – Sorry I’ve got no photos. (can some one send me one to put here ?)

Video of the tesla coils at Cambridge Teslathon 2016

A big thanks to the Museum for having us again this year and to all the volunteers, coilers and visitors for making it a great success again.

Unfortunately due to Museum building work, there will be no Cambridge Teslathon 2017, but we hope to return in 2018