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Details of the Tesla Coils and other high voltage equipment  that has been built by Extreme Electronics, Arc and Spark Pictures, videos and many other High Voltage projects, experiments and other background information about building Tesla Coils and static machines.

PiZero Twin Tesla Coils at the Royal Institution Christmas lectures – Boxing day 20:00 BBC4

RIGB Christmas Lecture


Cambridge Teslathon. Another superb event, loads of coils and coilers and the largest gathering of Wimshurst machines I’ve ever seen.

Cambridge Teslathon 2016 report

Had a great time in August giving a talk for the Derby Geakeasy. They kindly videoed the talk and I’ve added it here.

Talk for Derby Geakeasy – Videos

Nottingham Gaussfest highlights, load of fun with high voltage and tesla-coils in Nottinghamshire

Nottingham Gaussfest report http://www.extremeelectronics.co.uk/nottingham-gaussfest-2016/

And My PiZero stuff at the Gaussfest

Latest project Twin PiZero Tesla Coils (At the Gaussfest 2016 from the PiZero Tesla coil project below)

Details of my Pizero Tesla coil project.
Pi Zero powered Tesla coil

So I decided to build a Wimshurst machine. Always wanted to, never got around to it. So here it is. Pretty classic except one twist.

Project – Battery powered Wimshurst machine

Cambridge Teslathon 2015 report

Notts Gaussfest 2015 report

Extreme electronics –1Mv Van De Graff Project