UK Tesla Coilers Web Sites

Richie Burnett Tesal Coil Pages
A great technical description of how tesla coils work. Vital reading before making your first coil.

Mikes Electric Stuff
Mikes Electric Stuff, Loads of information on Teslacoils and High voltage equipment and much more.

Brian and Mikes Tesla coils
Mike Tucknott and Brian Le Page’s tesla coil pages. The BM series of coils.

Alan Sharp’s Tesla Coil Site
Large and varied tesla coils from Alan Sharp. From larg classic coils to some really interesting solid state coils.

Tesla Coil Measurements
Tesla coil measurements and tesla coil information

Dave Kearly’s Tesla coil pages.
Dave Kearly’s Tesla coil pages.

Terra Labs
Terra labs, how to build a small tesla coil.

HV Labs
Many high voltage projects and a description of a couple of tesla coils.

Tesla Coils – How They Work
Details of the construction of a tesla coil with expanations and some great illustrations.

David Gambols Coil
Davis Gambols DC chargin Tesla coil

Steve Connors Amazing Teslacoils
A very innovative UK coiler who has built some amazing coils both electronic and solid state

RM Cybernetics
Small Ignition coil powered tesla coils

Tesla coil based theratrical side shows.

The Data Stream – James Pawson
Tesla Coils High voltage and SSTC gate drive transformer design guidelines.