Farnsworth (Warehouse 13 artifact) – Continued

From the last post a lot has changed.

I’ve resized the cases and moved some of the aesthetics around to get every thing to fit in the case.

The display now gives connection information and displays status connected/not connected, and has the ability of displaying graphics with this information.

The software has had a lot of additions, I can now read from the SD card a set of destinations and select them using the rotary encoder wheel on the front of the case.

A destination is defined as an IP address, port and channel. The Channel is used by the UDP repeater to join Farnsworths together (Strowger.py)

The connection has gone from just Farnsworth to Farnsworth, to connection options using a central UDP proxy, (Strowger.py) hopefully with the aim of getting communication out from only being in the local network. This has also added various testing additions along the way including a test card and a loopback mode, both locally in the Farnsworth and to/from the proxy for remote testing.

If you have multiple Farnsworths on a local network, they need to be set to different ports so NAT can find them for the incoming channel.

Audio is proving to be a pain. The Pico’s A2D is very noisy, and the simple amp I put on the existing PCB isn’t up to the task to overcome this. I’ve replaced the single transistor amp with a low voltage op-amp that will hopefully have a lower output impedance into the ADC.

The other issue is ensuring that the 8khz sampling and playback happens regularly regardless of the camera’s capture and incoming UDP connections.

From comments from Mastodon, the two sound clips from the original Farnsworth have been incorporated, with the “text” tone used to indicate that the Farnworth has connected to WIFI, and the “RING” tone used to indicate that a Farnsworth to Farnsworth connection has been made.

Finally got it all into the Case. This one is a Woodroffe, for obvious reasons for those that know me. When I get time ill update the older Farnsworth to the same case standard.

Just so happy I have two and they can talk to each other.

Code circuit diagram audio files and graphics are available on Github https://github.com/ExtremeElectronics/PhiloFax

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