Upgrading Ender3 Hotend with E3D V6

Hot end Purchased from E3D: Hot End from E3D

Technical Details: Hot End details 

Assemble  the Hot end to step 19  : E3D assembly  

3D Print holder: Holder from Thingverse 

You will need 2 x 25mm M3 2x 6mm M3 4 x 10mm M3 bolts and a handful of cable ties.

Before going any further you need to update the software in your Ender 3

Marlyin Update for Ender 3

Marlyn Config for E3D hot end

Compile for 300Deg Max

How to install boot loader on Ender 3

Install the 3dprinted hot end holder and mount the hot end and the fans from the original hot end.

Replace the heating element and cable after unscrewing it from the control PCB, snip off the thermistor from the old hot end and “bodge” into the new thermistor.

Cable tie the cables back onto the PTFE tube.

Reconnect the new heating element

Run up to max temperature and do step 26 from the E3D assembly  .

Don’t forget to recompile the firmwear to the max temperature 285 deg

Re level the bed.

Test print….