Cambridge Teslathon

Cambridge Teslathon – 29th/30th October 2016
Cambridge Museum of Technology

Cambridge Teslathon is an annual meeting of UK tesla coilers, they come to Cambridge Museum of Technology to demonstrate the devices they have been working on over the past few months. The event has become so popular that the museum now open it up for public viewing. Not only will there be tesla coils, but demonstrations of all sorts of high voltage equipment including wimshurst machines, vande graffs, multipliers and even some historical electrotherapy equipment turns up from time to time.  Due to the nature of the event, we have no idea what will be there until it arrives on the day.

Wimshurst Machine
High voltage apparatus at Cambridge Teslathon

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The UK Tesla coilers also invite anyone else with an interest in high voltage to come and join them (in a very informal way) and display/demo anything that you may have built contact for details

We are a very friendly bunch, we learn by asking and answering questions please come and ask we will be happy to (try) to answer them.

Reports from previous years Cambridge Teslathons here 

An informal meeting of people interested in building High
Voltage equipment, teslacoils, multipliers, van de graff’s, wimshurst machines, violet ray machines, induction coils, and the opportunity to bring, test, experiment, demonstrate and view any of the equipment that others have brought.
Cambridge Teslathon 2016
Cambridge Teslathon 2016
Teslathon FAQ

What is Cambridge Teslathon?

A Teslathon has arranged demonstrations and some time time for experimentation.
The aim for the Cambridge Teslathon is to have a varied collection of high voltage equipment, and for the “coilers” to have time to tweek, tune and generally persuade their constructions to higher voltages with the collective knowledge and experience of those present to hand.

Its also an opportunity for all the coilers and visitors to meet, discuss and hopefully pick up some tips from each other. Of course during this time the people present will see what the equipment can do, and there will be the usual display of sparks.
(Some of which may come from where they are supposed too)
Visitors and those new to tesla coiling are welcome to the teslathon. Please introduce yourselves and ask questions.

If you have any questions contact and please include a description of your interests and/or equipment you intend to bring.

When can I setup?
Please contact me to arrange any special set up requirements.

Who is coming, what will I see there?.

Many of the visitors are bringing coils from the small (3 inches tall) to the large (6-8 feet tall.). Any high voltage equipment is of interest to us.
During the day various equipment will be run and tuned, visitors are welcome to watch whilst this is happening.

I haven’t got a coil / I’m building a coil / I’m a
Simple, Come Look & ask questions. Its one of the best ways of learning.

I Haven’t got a Tesla Coil, but I have a VDG, MARX, CW multiplier, Wimshurst machine, Fusor, Induction Heater, Cap Bank, Coil Gun etc…
Bring them, Our interests are in all things that have a high current or voltage, whatever the application or method of generation.

I’m Not a member of TCBOUK Can I come
Yes.. The Teslathon is open to the public via the Cambridge Museum of Technology, all I ask is that if you want to exhibit, you contact me first at