Pi Zero Tesla coil – Secondary

20160129_180543 The base is cut from a sheet of 5mm perspex
20160323_215327 The primary is made from 1mm PVC coated wire wound around a 125mm former in a spiral for 8 turns and super glued directly to the PVC base. Each end of the spiral is passed through a 1.5mm hole.
IMG_20160123_151243 A piece of 100mm diameter PVC pipe was cut 150mm long. After finishing the ends both ends were covered in 10mm of PVC tape. This is to give you a starting line to wind your coil against.Mount your roll of enameled wire on to a spindle, I use a 10mm drill bit mounted in a vice.

On both ends at the PVC line, a 0.5mm hole is drilled. Start the first turn by pushing 200mm of  0.125m enameled copper wire through one hole and securing inside with tape. Carefully wind this around the former pushing it against the PVC tape.



IMG_20160123_153123 Continue to wind the wire ensuring that the turns don’t overlap.   PVC tape can be used to keep the coils from unwinding. Continue until you get to the other end.
20160130_193434 At the top end of the coil a thin strip of aluminum foil can be used to secure the wire and make a neat end to the coil.

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