Nottingham Gaussfest – Teslathon

Nottingham Gaussfest 2021


Papplewick Pumping station
Rigg Lane, Ravenshead, Nottingham,NG15 9AJ
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Corona Virus
Unfortunately due to the ongoing Corona-virus situation this event has been Cancelled until April Next year. If you have registered, You will be contacted as soon as we have a confirmed date

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The Nottingham Gaussfest is an informal meeting of people interested in building High Voltage equipment tesla coils, high voltage multipliers, Van de Graaff’s, Wimshurst machines, violet ray machines, induction coils, and many other high voltage devices It gives the opportunity for them to bring, test, experiment, demonstrate and view any of the equipment that others have brought and to meet like minded people.

It is also open to visitors and anyone interested in high voltage or building/repairing high voltage equipment, photographers, or just to come and watch. Please Note, There are important safety, age and medical restrictions.

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Nottingham Gaussfest FAQ

Why Gaussfest not Teslathon ?

The Idea for the Gaussfest was based on the ‘Nottingham Teslathon Workshop’. A very successful meeting of coilers in 2001. The name NTW was rather long,  alternative , ‘Teslathonette’, didn’t really work, so I asked the TCBOUK list to suggest a name, and it became the ‘Gaussfest’ it has been the Gaussfest ever since.

So what’s different from a Teslathon?

A true Teslathon has arranged demonstrations and usually only a short time for experimentation.
The aim for the Gaussfest is to have a varied collection of high voltage equipment, and for the “coilers” to have time to tweek, tune and
generally persuade their constructions to higher voltages with no pressure of fixed demonstrations and with the collective knowledge and experience of those present to hand.

Its also an opportunity for all the coilers and visitors to meet, discuss and hopefully pick up some tips from each other. Of course during this time the people present will see what the equipment can do, and there will be the usual display of sparks.
(Some of which may come from where they are supposed too)

I have Equipment when can I setup?
Coilers who have registered beforehand can access the site from 09:00 onwards for setup. Please contact me for more information if required

Who is coming, what will I see there?.

Many of the visitors are bringing coils from the small (3 inches tall) to the large (6 feet tall.).
During the day these coils will be run and tuned, visitors are welcome to watch whilst this is happening. There is no set running times and there is no guarantees that items will be present or run.

Report from previous years Nottingham Gaussfest  here 

I haven’t got a coil / I’m building a coil / I’m a
Simple, Come Look & ask questions. Its one of the best ways of learning, we are all friendly.

Do you charge visitors as well as coilers?.
Yes. The charges will be £3 for Exhibitors & £5 for visitors.

Tea, Coffee and soft drinks will be available by the Papplewick staff all day Saturday, all proceeds from entry and food/drink will go  towards the running and upkeep of the pumping station.

I Haven’t got a Tesla Coil, but I have a VDG,
MARX, CW multiplier, Wimshurst machine, Fusor, Induction Heater, Cap Bank, Coil Gun
Bring them, Our interests are in all things that have a high current or voltage, whatever the application or method of generation.

Can I come
Yes.. The Gaussfest is open to anyone, but children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an Adult (I don’t recommend it for Children under the age of 5 due to loud noises) , all I
ask I that you

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