Black Line Follower robot – the BLF bug

A Black Line Follower robot – brief to be a cheap as possible and easy to build for kids 10-14 as part of a short electronics course. Due to the cost restrictions the PCB size needed to be as small as possible, roughly 22mm square.


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Development Prototype Based around a PIC 12F510 (8 pin, 8 bit Micro) 1 x Infrared LED, 2 x infrared receivers 2 x AAA cells, 2x old phone vibration motors and a handful of vero, copper wire and resistors.


Video (via twitter) of the first test So, Prototype works…


Time to make a better job of it.
canda-bug blf-smd


Left hand one is the one for the kids, the right hand one is a quick experiment to see how small I could make one (Still untested..


Circuit Diagram



Both sent to OSH Park and we will see what comes back.   Whilst I’m waiting…..

20160218_212553 20160218_212544

Tried some configuration changes, added tooth brushes to the back, and a ball (bead) on the front. Much smoother and more reliable. Surface must be absolutely smooth and flat.

V1 Boards arrived. Made a number of mistakes, Bodged it up to get software proved out, Redid the layout twice and more boards ordered from OSH Tried a number of different brushes, Including draft excluder and velvet, plus the covering from a clothes brush (had to order a new cloths brush quick) All worked to some extent, but you can’t beat the original

tooth brush.

V3 Boards arrived

Revised Circuit diagram blfv3 blfv3-1 blfv3-2 Order from OSH Park

Project details
Software and programming
Construction details
Running the Bug
Calibrating the Bug