VDG Frame Construction

1MV Van De Graff project

20140705_203227 The frame is made from 6mm acrylic. All pieces were scrap from a local sign makers.

The pieces were cut to size with a band saw. The mounting holes for the rollers and bearings were cut out of the sides and glued in to a U shape. The two combs were used as supports to keep the structure square. To use this form of construction the sides do need to be very flat as the glue is a solvent and does not add much if any filling for voids.





The sides were checked that they were truly square before gluing.



Each of the sides were weighted during drying to ensure a good joint.



Two plates on either side hold the bearing and are mounted in slots to allow for fine positioning of the rollers. The bearings are force fitted and super glued into place.





The base was welded to the frame i

n a similar way. The base needs to be so large to support the large topload.

To get an idea of scale there is a 1m rule to the left of the VDG frame.

The topload is affixed on the white pair of acrylic pieces behind the VDG. This lifts the base of the topload to just under the bottom of the top roller.



A trial fitting of the topload, which shows the reason for the large base.