Solenoid Inductance Calculator

Solenoid Inductance Calculation

These calculations can be used separately. For pure inductance fill in the second table only, For inductance from a length diameter and wire size fill in the top table, the bottom one will fill its self in from the data. There is an inches-mm or mm-inches conversion below for easy referance.

These calculators can be used for either primary or secondary single layer helical coils.

Solenoid Wiring

Solenoid coil length mm
Wound with mm diameter wire ( % stacking factor)
on a mm diameter former
gives a total of Turns
using meters of wire

Solenoid Inductance

Solenoid Coil length mm
wound with Turns
With a Coil diameter of mm
Then the inductance of the solenoid is mH.
and the self capacitance of the solenoid is pF.
Self Resonant At Khz