PiZero – I2c Driver Board

This board takes I2C signals from the Raspberry Pi and converts them to the accuratly timed pulses of Radio Frequency needed by the Tesla coil.


It takes its input from a current transformer in the primary coil circuit This signal is amplified, gated by the microprocessor and fed  to the bridge gate drive.

The gating is done using a PIC 18F14K50 this takes the I2C commands and sends accuratly timed pulses to the gate at the frequency specified. The separate processor is needed as these pulses are very short and the PI cannot accuratly create them with enough precision.

The board is built on a double sided PCB and to keep the size down mostly in SMT componants. This also reduces the wiring lengths which assists in its resiliance to external electromagnetic interferance. This is important as we will be creating the electromagnetic interferance.



The board os shared on OSH park
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