House breaking with a cheap Chinese laser cutter

First I do not condone house breaking, unless you own or are permitted to enter the property anyway. But there are instances where house breaking becomes a necessity.

We were working in the garden, our next door neighbour wanted to start strimming. Our Rescue Rottie/Great Dane has issues with hissy whirly noises, so we shut him inside, whilst we continued in the garden. 

The strimming started and he jumped up at the door, unfortunately he also turned the key in the lock, locking the  door, from the inside with the keys still in the lock, although we had keys they wouldn’t work. Our front door, also had keys still in the lock. Our dog had locked us out of the house 🙁

All other Windows and means of entry were fully secured. Not versed in house breaking, I know a couple of local lock smiths Ill see if they could help. A few phone calls later proved that they were all on holiday 🙁

OK so you hear of people breaking in when keys are in the lock, how hard could it be… Well first obstacle, we had a “high security letter box” that took me less than 10 seconds to remove with a pair of pliers from the outside, I’m glad I spent the extra on that!

The letter hole that was left just allowed me to put my hand into the door, nothing else. Even borrowing a small local kid didn’t help, the hole was too small. Being locked out also gave me a few other issues, all my tools were inside, but finding garden wire etc I tried to make a hook to remove the key.

No, the key needed to turn and be upright to be removed.

I then realised that I was left with assess to the most versatile tool a laser cutter.

I made a key spanner, actually I made two as I dropped the first one through the letter box, the second one had a piece of string attached, just in case.  After a little fiddling I managed to turn the key and unlock the door from the inside.

I even made a temporary replacement letter box with the laser cutter afterwards.

So why have I posted how to break into a house.

Because I couldn’t believe how easy it was. OK, I had a laser cutter, but making a tool like the one above could be done in a couple of minutes with a fret saw, and I’m sure they (or something better) would exist available on the internet. So the take away message is if you want to secure your house


The other thing is, I live on a street with a door that opens onto the pavement, I was trying to break into my house for over 30 minutes.