Nottingham Gaussfest 2004

Gaussfest 2004

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Phill Parry's coil breaking out on its own (again)

A rare Photo of PP's coil arcing from the topload.

PP's coil Heating up the element in a sodium vapour lamp.

PP's Maltease Cross tube. (Isn't a green cross a symbol for first aid?) )

Dave Kearley's First Coil,

Seams to work Well..

Adrian Fretwells Coil hits 32"

Af's coil doing it famous wire wool trick.

More Sparks from Adrian's Coil

Adrians Marx, First light Photo.(finished at 02:00 in the morning of the same day)

A Better Picture of Adrians Marx.

Derek Woodroffe's Tiny Tess Being Cute.

Dw's Maggie

DW's OLTC arcs 12" to ground.

DW's OLTC "Tests" a mother board.
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DW's Mille Tess giving toothpick sized arcs.

Dave Gambols Coil Arcs 6' to earth

DG's Coil streamer to air.
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Dave Reeve's coil .

Lighting a Lamp the difficualt way.

Duncan Cadd's VDG (now Mark Hales's VDG)

Close up of the VDG.

VDG Belt Drive Detail.

Paul Abrams Ignition coil powered coil and a small Jacobs ladder powered by an obit.

Fusor from Mark Hales Hales

Plasma formation inside the fusor.