Nottingham Gaussfest 2019

Another great High Voltage meet at Papplewick Pumping station this year.

These are some photos and videos from the event.

Derek’s Coils and Stuff…

Extreme kits mini Wimshurst powers a ping pong accelerator

Large Wimshurst throws some sparks

Steve’s Tesla Coil

Roger’s VDG, Geissler tubes and Wimshurst

Van De Graaff with a charged ball

Alec’s Collection

Dave’s Coils

Andrew’s collection

Roberts stuff
3 phase Jacobs ladder

Gary’s Jacobs ladder & Flyback TC

Simon and Mark

Carl’s Tesla coil

Thanks to Andy B and Alex L for many of the above and Mark K for these below.

Please return Its likely I’ll get sent more pics and videos that I’ll post here. (email me if you have a pic or video)