VDG Topload Manufacture

1MV Van De Graff project


The Topload is made from a pair of 320mm diameter stainless steel serving bowls from Ikea (BLANDA BLANK)

These wore then drilled around the perimeter to allow them to be bolted to metal sheets.





The two bowls need to be separated to allow the VDG frame to sit in between them. I joined them with 300mm x 200mm aluminium sheets these were then epoxied and bolted together.





When the epoxy had dried I removed all of the bolts. Unfortunately due to my terrible metalwork, this left a very uneven middle section.




1405457688142This was filled and smoothed first with a layer of cloth and glue






And then with plaster and glue, followed with a fine filler




20150124_210646The top load on a trial fit, before final finishing.,