Cambridge Teslathon 2003

Cambridge Teslathon 2003

Click on an image for a better view. More (and better quality) pictures can be obtained by emailing tesla@ the space)

Adam Hordens Rather nicely built VTTC

In Action

Arc to Florecent lamp

Art to air, Classic vttc spark about 12" long ..

Bob Golding coil, Showing arcs with no power in , whilst Dave Gamble was tuning his coil


Dave Gambol's coil giving solid 7'+ sparks to an earth rod 

Dave Gambol's coil giving nice (large) Streamers.

Dave Reeve's new coil having its first day out..

Dave Reeves Coil Running and giving nice arcs from various breakouts.


Daves Reeves Coil giving some sparks from a pencil

My(Derek Woodroffe) Own Kit , for demonstrations.

Big Tess , giving 2' streamers for the crowd.

Change of topload for 26" Arcs to ground

Maggot , 8" Streamer to Air

Ikle Tess, Arcing to an earthed object. (No kids were harmed during this photo)

Mike Harrison, Detonates some Gituar wire with his destructatron.

Phil Parry Descovers that PVC does conduct. (Mike Tucknott, please add to your page!!)

Phil Parry, with a Lit Sodium lamp from his VTTC

Phil Holding a screwdriver that is smoking. (no, its not comming from Phil, although he did burn his finger!!)

Phil Parry & Mark Hales load a large transformer into into phils car.

Photo of Transformer, Could be the start of a scary VTTC phil.
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