Cambridge Nottingham 2004

Cambridge Teslathon 2004

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tesla@ the space)

I started the day badly. My secondary earth wire touched the inside of my secondary. 1/4 hour with emery paper and a sanding wheel, the coil was back working.

Ready for Demos.

My AD-OLTC entertaining the crowd with a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle. (Mental note, must change the tune!!)

A demonstration of My CW Multiplier with a bowl of "womble shit"

Click for a movie with tin pie dishes

I blew an IGBT whilst power arcing to earth, One more defenceles transistor gives it life to the cause.

A member of the public (sorry I didn't get your name), brought his (rather nicely built) ignition coil for faulting.

Martin tries to determine why the output is poor.

Bob Takes a break..

Paul and Dave, sorry if you haven't brought a coil, you get you picture taken instead.

Bob's Coil , being set up.

Bob, Looking for arcing in his capacitor bank

Bob, Still looking for arcing in his capacitor bank

Must be arcing in here somewhere.

Bobs Control Desk,

Bobs transformer and charging inductors.

Bobs rotary, (high spin speed, with economy wash cycle)

Bob at the controls, tuning.

About 4' sparks from a "wizards hat" on top of Bob's coil.


Working, About 2.5-3' arcs to air, sparks to ground still blowing OV trip though.

Mike Harrisons Bipolar Marx, Suffering from damp and sawdust, but still giving 3' arcs.


Mike Harrisons cap bank "Interfaces"
with a motherboard.


And again..


The "Jacobs laddder-o-phone of death"


Mike descovers a new way of cooking apples. A steel whire through the center and hook it up to the cap bank. Tastes rather metalic though..