Gaussfest Teslathon 2005

Gaussfest Feb 2005

Gaussfest Feb 2005
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My (Derek Woodroffe) coils
ready for demo'ing

My IRFP 460 SSTC giving 1' 
arcs to air. at 10BPS. 

Same but at a higher
break rate.

Close up.

One of my un-named small
SSTC's coils driven from a
single irfp460 breaking out
from a 20mm ball bearing.  

Same coil power arcing to a

My OLTC2 giving about 2.5'
streamers at 2.5KW!!

My Dead Silicon Total
for the day, One opto - OLTCII,
One Set of 460's from the SSTC
one diode string from the CW Multiplier,
and a pair of transistors from the 
emergency light.

Paul Benhams coil,
(ex Nick field, Ex Etc.Etc..)

A Strike to the roof 5'6"
Spot the emergency light.

Streamers to air..

Just to prove the strike length !!

Philip Strauss's Bonetti
Electrostatic machine

a 100mm arc from the output

a 150mm arc from the
output terminals

Richie Burnetts

An arc to air at 700W 

The power burns the breakout.

A silent bushy discharge.