Gaussfest Teslathon 2006

Nottingham Gaussfest 2006

a UK Teslathon exibiting a collection of home made tesla coils
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My (Derek Woodroffe)

My SSTC with a
Strontium Nitrate
covered breakout

My SSTC with a
Sodium Cloride
covered breakout

My Brick OLTC

Untill a fuse "went"
Completly, ends &
glass envelope

Melvin Bennetts
Compact DRSSTC

Not bad sparks
for the first time
on Full Mains.

Martin Dale
Tests his new
Balast & Pole Pig

Martins Rotary, Built at
03:00AM before the GF 

Another Balast test
with a jacobs ladder

Martins Coil Gave some
good arcs

All mostly in the
right direction

With Minor damage

Easily repaired with
the loss of 6 turns
to the secondary.

And the coil lived
again with
6'-7' arcs

All Mostly in the
Wrong Direction.

A 10 second
exposure, note a total
lack of arcs to the earthed rod.

Mark Hales brought a
large selection of gas
filled tubes

and decorative






And a couple of
Plasma Globes

Of different sizes

Mike Harrison
brought his high speed camera

and his "destructotron"
Cap bank.

First attempt at
breaking a pint glass

Second attempt

The third attempt
was successfull.
Mike captured this and
many other "events" on his
high speed camera.
Take a look here

Philip Strauss brought

Which was very nicely

with every peice

and a pretty good
performer too.

The Group Photo of
visitors and coilers.