Amberley Teslathon 2004


Amberley Teslathon 2004

Adrians Fretwells Coil Power arcing to a strike pole.

A long exposure of Adrians coil doing its thinng.

Arcs to at least 42"

Adrians Coil

An exhibit from the Milne collection at Amberley Museum

Amberley Museums VDG chucking foil dishes around.

Colin Heaths collection of SSTC's

Colins SSTC running !!

Colins SSTC Still Running.

Colins SSTC Still working

Bang !!! (note the cracks in the MOSFETS)

Colins collection of dead sillicon for the day.

My Collection of small coils.

My OLTC doing its Twinkle Twinkle effect

All of my Coils at Amberley

My OLTC Power arcing to Twinkle Twinkle.. (Movie 410K)

Mike Harrisons Marx giving a 1MV discharge..


Mikes Complete Marx setup.