Derby Teslathon 2004

UK Teslathon Derby 2004

UK Teslathon Derby 2004

Adam Horden Tests his OLTC

Colin Heath's SSTC arcs to earth. 

And pops its driver Ic's

My Nano Tess (the smallest SSTC in the word) on Steve Connors OLTCII (the biggest SSTC in Europe) 

My OLTC, arcs to the primary blowing its brains out

And trashing the secondary.

A collection of my small coils

My OLTC in TT (Twinkle Twinkle) mode.

Finn's very nicely built OLTC primary.

James Pawson with his SSTC

Martin Dales New coil,
 4' first light !!! 

Martins coil transfers power to Colins SSTC, blowing the IGBT's

Martins Complete setup

Martin Dale get a 6'7" Strike to earth.

Video of Martins coil in action.

Martins Controller and PIG.

Steve Connors OLTCII arcs 6'1" to earth,

Video of OLTCII acheiving 6',1"

Steve playes with his "Flower Pot" SSTC

Steve Connor with his OLTCII and My Nano Tess

SteveConnors OLTCII

Video of OLTCII streamers

Steve's OLTCII arcs to earth, blowing a 240v 30W bulb.

Video of OLTCII power arcing

Phil Parrys VTTC Running, No Smoke!! for the day.

The collective silicon cemetery for the day.

I I have many other photos from this event, If you want more please email me.