Rs232 fibre terminal – RPI – Pi Zero

The board provides an electrically isolated way of taking to the console of a PI Zero or RPI via the RS232 connectors at 1Mb/s (115.5KBd) using the Avago R-2524z and T-1524Z fibre receiver, transmitter pair.

Board Connectors

1 – 0V
2 – 5V
3 – 3V-5V (uP supply)

1 – 0V
2 – Data to Transmit – TX
3 – Data Received – RX

1mm shielded fibre using the Avago Versatile Connectors.


The board will needs to be supplied with 5V at around 50mA, But it will accept data to and from 3V -5V systems by supplying the correct voltage on pin 3 of the power connector.

The board isn’t baud rate specific and should work at any baud rate from 300bd to 115.5Kbd (1Mb/s)


Connection to a RPI or PiZero

RS232 Board RPI / PI Zero GPIO header
Power 1 0V – pin6
Power 2 5V – pin2
Power 3 3.3V – pin1
Data 1 0V (not needed)
Data 2 TX – pin 8
Data 3 RX – pin 10

Circuit Diagram.




Warning V1 boards have power and data connectors reversed, and they need a wire from pin 1 to pin 4 of the R-2524. Both these Issues are fixed on the V2.(coming soon)

V1 Bodge



PCB’s available on OSHPARK
Order from OSH Park


Of course for a full PC to PI link, you will need two of these boards, and a USB to RS232 adapter20160209


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