Strontium breakouts

A test of breakout points made almost entirely of Strontium. The idea is that rather than containing the Strontium in a tube that needs to withstand the heat of an arc, we make a breakout with as much Strontium as possible. Of course Strontium is quite a good insulator so we need to add in a conductive component and something to hold it all together. This test uses PVC glue as the binder and bear conductive ink as the conductor.


Initial tests on a large rotary classic tesla coil



Some effect, but not as strong as Id hoped. Although the one on the chicken stick wasn’t bad.

SSTC 1Kw Much better results.


DSC_1097 DSC_1109 DSC_1111 DSC_1116

A great improvement on any other methods that I have used, and better still, the breakouts seem to be quite resilient and can be used multiple times.

Time to try other mixes 🙂